Finally, my wait is over

I’ve been waiting with my trusty 2015 13” retina MacBook at my side for a while now. But this week, the new 2020 13” MacBook was released and it has the new Magic keyboard. With all of the complaints surrounding the older butterfly keyboard mechanism on the previous models, there was just no way that I was willing to upgrade. Of course, other than that, there is not else that’s new. There hasn’t been any new innovations for a while coming out of Apple with the macs. It’s a little sad when the most exciting thing is to fix something that everyone hates.

[LEGO]: Police Helicopter Chase, Lego 4+

Two sets today. This is the second. This is Police Helicopter Case, Lego 4+. This one may be the first set that my daughter got. It’s for those graduating right out of Duplos. They used to be called “Juniors”, but I think that they renamed the series to “4+”. The copter is basically in one piece, which you then stick a bunch of pieces onto. It’s got a police officer and a “crook” as she liked to call them. This is from when she was starting to get into cops and robbers. I love that it has little blocks for money, and the “crook” has a crowbar for the ATM. The whole thing is really a great caricature, it’s all the more fitting since we had our mailbox pried open with what appears to have been a crowbar.