[Hacking Mac]: iTunes and Podcasts

I like to use iTunes to manage my music and podcasts. The problem with this is that I have a number of mp3 files that I would like to manage as a podcast in iTunes. I like that it can keep track of what is new, what is listened to, and have it automatically updated. I also have a bunch of podcasts that I’ve been downloading using a different podcatcher (Running on a linux machine for reasons that are unimportant)

The problem is that if I import the mp3 files into iTunes, it doesn’t want to import it as a podcast. I tried to change the genre to “Podcast”, but it still seems to appear in the music folder. From searching the web, it seems that most people are trying to do the opposite – converting iTunes podcasts to regular mp3 files. Even if I move the file into the Podcasts directory in the iTunes folder, or move podcasts out of the folder, it still recognizes a file as a podcast, or not. I looked on the web, but there appears to be no documentation on any of this.

Anyway, there are some posts that mention that removing the ID3v2 tags with convert the podcast to a regular mp3 file. I looked up the tags in the files from other iTunes podcasts and there are some extra tags that iTunes uses to recognize that a file is a podcast.

There are 3 main tags that are used by and iTunes podcast:
PCST – This appears to be an empty frame
TDRL – Release date for the podcast – Seems optional. There just won’t be a date associated with it
WFED – This seems to be the RSS feed. This would be like the WOAS (Official audio source webpage) frame.

I added and recomplied the id3lib libraries with the 3 tags added, and now I can add my mp3 files to the podcast library.


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