[What we’re into right now]: Deerhunter

Deerhunter - Microcastles / Weird Era ContinuedI’ve been pretty into Deerhunter’s Microcastle album, as this album definitely needs a few listens. Well, there are two albums. The second one is called Weird Era Continued, and from what I’ve read they’ve been leaked onto the internet several months ago. It’s gotten some pretty good reviews, and a number of people had them listed in their top albums of 2008. The lead singer Bradford Cox apparently also records solo work under the name Atlas Sound. The band kicked off Noise Pop in SF about a month and a half ago, and it would have been good to have seen them.

The sound on this album is something of a cross between Pavement inspired pop rock on “Agoraphobia” at the opening of the album and more of experimental guitar noise derived from My Bloody Valentine on “Little Kids” and “Microcastle”. “Nothing Ever Happened” is just a fantastic pop song. Overall, the sound is great, plus add in a touch of bleak overtones and lyrics across the entire album and you get a darker sound that range from the slower sleepy songs interleaved with songs flooded by a wave of guitar chords that come crashing down on you in a muffled haze.


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