Game 1, NBA Conference Finals

What the hell happened to the Cavs?! They were up 15 points at the half…. Disaster…


Birth of the Cool

We went to a great exhibit at the Blanton Art Museum. It was called Birth of the Cool. It’s organized by the Orange County Museum of Art, and the show closes today here at UT. It deals with California art, music, and design and its influence on culture at the mid-century. One if the great parts of the exhibit was the context that it lays out at the start regarding what was going on in the world at that time. One of the key issues with other shows and exhibits I feel is that there isn’t a lot of discussion of the time that these movements take place and the world that they are developed in. I enjoyed that they drew in a lot of different types of culture involving music, art, design, film, and pop culture.

Miles Davis, Birth of the Cool, 1949There were a number of events associated with the show here in Austin. The title, Birth of the Cool, comes from the fantastic album by Miles Davis in 1948, which was played in its entirety at the Elephant Room. Would have liked to see that but I was in work-imposed exile at the time.