Aston Martin Cygnet

Please, please, please, please….let this Aston Martin come to the US.

Slowly the smaller luxury brand cars are coming here from Europe, but this could change everything. Finally the 1-series BMW made it here, and the A1 and the Fiat 500 are both supposedly coming, but there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be more luxury cars that are small. Why is it so difficult to get a car in the US that’s both upscale, and small and cute enough to parallel park between two San Francisco driveways and zoom around in traffic?

Although if Ford brought the SportKa home, that would be pretty cool too…


Intel’s Wind River Purchase

Last month, Intel announced that they were going to purchase Wind River Systems. The unfortunate thing about this deal is that Wind River currently supports a variety of processors in the embedded space, including the Intel architecture. There seems to be some concern that in the future if that support will slowly whittle down to just the Intel architecture. VxWorks has quite the reputation for stability, and the question is would people move to Intel processors to keep using it? Are more semiconductor firms going to follow Intel and start making purchases?

Paper speaker covers take you to nostalgia land

Princeton came out with the awesome PSP-NXT speaker covers for a 1-W USB powered PC speaker they sell. I haven’t seen one of these stereo cassette (what the hell is a cassette?) radios for years, but I remember seeing them everywhere at a time. The sad thing is that the sound quality is probably about as good as the original.