Driving in Texas

I used to think, when I first got to the Bay Area from New York, that Californians were bad drivers. Now, after being in Texas, I think that they should all get medals for their skills.

My wife thinks that it’s because they don’t really pay attention to people around them. I think that she gives them too much credit. I think that they see you, but they don’t really care. People here have great southern charm, unless you put them behind the wheel of a car. Then, it’s everyone for themselves and to hell with the rest of you.

[What we’re into right now]: Zoe Keating

One Cello x 16: NatomaThe cello is the most beautiful of instruments.

This album isn’t new. It came out in 2005, but I started listening to it recently. Zoe Keating is a Bay Area musician that layers multiple tracks of herself playing the cello in real-time. She uses her feet to control the computer that mixes the recordings. The result is an illusion of an entire room of full of musicians. The composition of the music itself is suspenseful and engaging.