Guilty Pleasure of 2009 (revisit)

I’ve decided that this needs a revision. I’m going to have to make “The Rachel Zoe Project” my guilty pleasure of 2009. It’s such an inane, awful show, but I just can’t help checking to see if it’s on whenever I get in range of cable television – as if I’m trying to torture myself.

Dear lord, Bravo TV, what has happened to you….


Sarah Palin

I was watching “Late Night” and Letterman is bashing Sarah Palin in a series called “Things more fun than reading the Sarah Palin memoir”. I’m not a big fan (personally, I like the idea of electing people that are intelligent and thoughtful), but I think that the left should be a little more careful with their view of her. Unfortunately or not, she’s not really going anywhere. She’s extremely popular, and seen by many as standing up for them against condescending coastal dwellers that see those living in the middle of the country as a bunch of uneducated hicks. Not that they’re entirely wrong about that…

Why Is This Person Even in the News?

I don’t understand why these people are in the news. And for the purchase of a house? Lamar Odom at least does something, but have the Kardasian sisters even done anything at all? Other than being on TV? They are famous just for being famous. Please, don’t even acknowledge these people lest you encourage them.

And what happened to CNN? This used to be the channel that broadcast such events as the fall of the Berlin Wall, and was there for the first Gulf War.