New Residence

OK. We’re still here. We’ve been preoccupied for the last couple of months since the new year because we we’re out looking for a house to buy. Yesterday we signed all the paperwork and we got the keys. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the last month was just crazy busy. There’s a mountain of paperwork to sign, and I spent way more time on the phone than I was expecting to make sure that everything works out. I’ll probably have a $300 cell phone bill as I just blew right through my minutes for the month. But we now have our own little piece of town with a little house sitting on top.

The whole process was very enlightening. We got to see a lot more of town than we were expecting. It was a great way to get to know all the places that we were not really aware of. And we had quite the quirky real estate guide to show us around. He always point out all the structural problems with a phrase like “This things rocking and rolling all over the place” and calling the places “clap-board shacks”. Quite the character…

So don’t despair, we’ll be back on line.


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