LeBron James and Northeast Ohio

Let me just start off saying that I wouldn’t deny LeBron the opportunity to make as much money as he possibly can where ever that may be. That said….

What an ass!
He grew up in Akron. If he paid any attention at all growing up, he knows what it means for him to play in Cleveland. There’s a real history of sports letdowns, and this is just another on top of it. But more than that, it’s just the way that he went about it. People can argue over whether he’s the best player, or if he should have built a team around himself, but for Clevelanders that’s just scenery to keep people talking about it.

Lot’s of us left Cleveland, and lots of us discus how bad things there are and how things are better elsewhere. But that’s done between ourselves, and it’s never done in public. And if you’re not from there, you can’t say anything. With everything that’s been going wrong there, you know that there’s not a whole lot going for the people there, and that you’re one of the few things around that keep people’s minds of their problems. You at least have the decency to at least let them know beforehand that you’re not going to stay. But you don’t leave like that, because like it or not, that’s where you’re from and you don’t forget that.