Democrats and Republicans

The Democrats have real problem on their hands. They haven’t been able to put any coherent story together for the coming election. The Republicans have been much better about it. The Republicans have been able to stir up anger about government, and spending, and deficits. The Democrats are instead too busy discussing the minutiae of policy, and talking about the keys to the car. No one really cares for policy. And most people don’t vote on the merits of it. Most people vote on issues that compel them. And no one wants to hear about blame being put on an administration that’s been out of power for two years. Unfortunately, regardless of why things are bad right now, the Democrats need to start talking about why they should be reelected, and what they are doing to make things better. They need to write a story about where we’ve come from *and* where we’re going. And the second part is what’s been missing. There doesn’t seem to be any emotional connection to the voters.

It’s strange given how the person that inspired so many to come out and vote and filled them with the hope and optimism for the future gas been so inept at connecting with people once he ha gotten into office.

This Week with Christiane Amanpour

It’s been a few weeks since Christiane Amanpour took over “This Week” on ABC. At first it just seemed awkward, with foreign and world politics being shoehorned into a program known for domestic politics and a forum for talking heads to duke it out with each other. But since then I’ve quite warmed to it. With the world becoming smaller and tighter knit, it gives good prospective to the decisions that are being made in Washington and the debates that surround them. Watching “Meet the Press” afterwards just seems trite and petty.