The Social Network

The movie The Social Network opened this weekend. I’ve seen the previews for this for a while now. I have to say that this movie really bothers me. First of all, the fact that everyone seems to agree that it’s not accurate. If you want to dramatize an event, then I think that you should have to state that, and make it appear fictitious. Even if it makes a better movie. Mark Zuckerberg seems like he’s arrogant and pretentious, but this looks to be a real hatched job. Secondly, I’d been in the Valley long enough that the idea that Mark Zuckerberg created this site just to meet girls or make friends or what ever is complete nonsense. Facebook is where it is because the guys that built it created it with true belief that it is going to change the way that people interact. No one is going to devote their life to something for that long unless you really believe in it. You may go out with your friends but it’s what you talk about when you’re out, it’s what you do late into the night, and it’s what you do when you get up.

Although, I have to say that seeing that Palo Alto Eichler in the trailer makes me miss the penninsula.