Life and Death

Sometimes people leave us and the hole that is left is large enough that one wonders if it could be filled. Sometimes it may be better even for them though it is difficult to accept the lose of one close to you. Eventually everyone leaves this world and while we may not wish for it to be so, it is a fundamental part of the human condition and that will never change. Death is part of life, and there can be no life without death. To not have the pain and the sorrow of death would mean that we would never be able to enjoy and appreciate the life that they are able to spend with us. We will miss you.

These days it seems hard to find others such as you. With all of the contention that spills from the TV from the talking heads, not many are willing or able to rationally sit down and have a civil debate where the proper respect is given to all sides. One where points are laid out, and rebutted. When everything has been finished, there may not be consensus, but everyone understands where each is coming from. The fact that most topics come down to some point of view about basic human conditions and situations doesn’t take away from the appreciation that not everyone has the same world view as you, and that doesn’t make it any valid than any other. We may disagree, but it’s not because I’m better, you’re worse, or stupid, or ignorant. So often the subtext is that if only you knew what I know then we would all reach the same conclusion and you would agree with me, but you are too stupid or ignorant to see it this way.

Unfortunately, your party has abandoned you. There are not many of the old-school conservatives still left, and the others have all been forced out. Where have all of the other fiscal conservatives gone? Now it’s all about moral and social issues which used to have less impact. Once the Democrats were seemed to be the party of social issues, but now it’s the Republicans. What happened that the idea of individualism and individual freedom cannot be expanded to social issues? The libertarian wing of the party has basically been ostracized. Unfortunately, you cannot help to reclaim your party.