[Hacking Mac]: iPhoto Images

See here for more information regarding iPhoto database

I want to move my iPhoto images from one directory to a different one on the file system. I currently have them imported to iPhoto by reference so they have not been copied into iPhoto itself. I don’t want them all imported to the iPhoto Library because I have them on a shared server. I can’t find a way to batch move all of the images in an event or album.

One thing that I can do is to move them, and then re-locate the image when I try to access them in iPhoto but that is a huge pain. I don’t want to re-import them because many of them have metadata associated with the image in iPhoto, and these would then be lost.

Normally, this would not be a big deal, but it appears that all of the image properties are read-only through the Applescript API. Ugh, sometimes I hate Apple. I just want to move where the images are located on the disk. Why does this have to be so hard…


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