What a time to go on vacation

I’ve been gone the last two weeks, but it’s been a busy time in the world. We finally got a budget deal that averted the federal government’s default (yay), S&P downgraded the credit of the United States government (ugh), Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll and Rick Perry entered the presidential race the same day, the Euro is currently under the stress of Italian and now French debt (ugh), the stock market is imploding (double ugh), Google is buying Motorola Mobility, HP is closing shop on WebOS and exiting the consumer market, there was rioting in London of all places, a more assertive crackdown in Syria of protesters, and upheaval in San Francisco over the decision by BART to shutdown wireless access in the underground stations with protests leading to stoppage of service during rush hour and sites being hacked by Anonymous (please don’t hack me).

There are lots of angry people in the world out there, perhaps justifiably.


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