Paul Ryan and the Presidential Race

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Image via The New York Times

I’m very excited about Mitt Romney adding Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket for the 2012 presidential election. The reason is that with all of the debate going on in the country Paul Ryan has put forward a budget with specifics that is a concrete manifestation of their view of government. It gives us something to talk about other than a string of abstract platitudes regarding what government should be. We can argue whether government should be big or small, but each vision has consequences. The Ryan budget lays it out. Now, I would love it if Barak Obama would also put forth a similar budget. Something specific. Something that we can compare side-by-side. The fact that the Democrats haven’t even passed a budget in the past 3 years is a travesty in its own right.

We can have a real debate about what we would like this country to be like. I’m excited about this because with the Ryan budget we can really battle it out, over specifics about what it means. Hopefully, we can all decide what we want in this election, and have our debate, and then who ever wins – wins. Perhaps then, instead of muddling around, we can move forward on some path.