Ellen Pao Trial

Just heard that the Ellen Pao jury reached a verdict and will be announced soon. For people not familiar, Ellen Pao has brought a sexual discrimination lawsuit against fabled Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins (don’t even get started on Tom Perkins). Out of everything, it’s depressing to read that “Now, venture capital firms will be even less likely to hire women.” There’s plenty of sexism in the valley, perhaps people will really start to talk about it and face up to it.


Hey! What’s the color of this dress?

I couldn’t have been more excited this past weekend than about the debate over the color of the dress. It’s the perfect distraction from all of the other debates to remind one that no matter how certain you are of something, some one else can see it differently and they can be just as certain as you that they are right. Regardless of the science or objectively knowing that it’s actually blue and black, none of it changes the fact that I see it one way and differently than someone else. And I’m sure of it. My other half disagrees (yet again correct) and can’t see it like I do. A great reminder, that we all perceive the world our own way, and sometimes, it’s not because someone else is stupid or have some ulterior motive if they come to some other conclusion then me.