A/V Revamp

I replaced by trusty Yamaha RX-V495 with this bad boy. A Yamaha RX-A1070.

I still have the old receiver that I bought off the floor at a GoodGuys for about $150 – maybe 15 years ago. It still sounds fantastic, but the video aspects are out of date. There is no HDMI and there is only a single optical digital input and a single coax digital input. It’s been so reliable over the years with having been moved halfway across the country twice now without any problems, I just had to get another over a Marantz that I was looking at. Growing up we also had a Yamaha receiver for like 40 years till it finally got sold when no one was living there anymore.

[Network Administration] : Using AFP home directories

So far, I’ve been using NFS to mount my home directories on my OS X machines with the automounter. It’s worked pretty well so far. There are a couple of issues that I’m hoping to work around. One is that the automounter can unmount the drives, which in this case would be the home directory. I’ve been converting this over to using AFP as the native file sharing protocol for the home directories. Synology’s DSM includes support for AFP as one of the protocols. I don’t have any Windows machines, so I’m not going to worry about SMB for support, although it appears that Apple will drop support for AFP in the near future.

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