Local Market Advertisements

One of the wonderful (or horrible) things about Austin being a smaller market is the proliferation of local advertizing on the television.
Usually there’s a tag line to help you remember, typically they are overplayed and annoying, but they are always memorable.

When I moved to San Francisco, the market is so large that almost all of the ads were national ads. I don’t think that I realized that I missed them until I got a chance to see some good local ads again.

Town and Country Leather: “Thanks for shopping local!”
I love this lady. I love that she has her face two stories tall plastered on billboards on I-35. I love the way that she says “Natuzzi” in the ad. I love that the recliners are “with power!” I love that the leather home theatre seating is so Texas and the red ones are just so horribly ugly.

Capitol Kia: “If I can’t beat a new Kia deal in Texas, I’m just gonna give it to you!”
These are great also. When we first moved here, the ads used to have just Bill Dickason, but now they have this lady in them also. Lately she’s usually holding a dog, which is just hilarious. They run constantly on the TV. It’s almost like it’s the soundtrack to your life. I love that everyone is so excited — “$199 a month!”, “500 available to chose from!”. They used to always say “Just in front of the water tower.”, but lately that’s been getting dropped. In the new ones, there’s some shots of the showroom. The best part is that there are like a dozen clocks on the wall, probably with different time-zones, because, when you’re buying your Kia in Central Texas you really need to know if now is an appropriate time to call someone in Shanghai.

Lorenz & Lorenz: “It’s just that easy!”
Unfortunately, I can’t find a recent ad on YouTube for this ambulance chaser. The new ads end with him snapping his fingers as exclamation to the tagline “It’s just that easy!” If you go to his website you can see the new ad in the player. The embed code is broken, of course. Anyway, in the old add is still pretty good. I love his look with the hair and glasses. I love that his suit is too big. I love that he just keeps saying “serious”. I really wish that there was a recent one to paste in. “It’s just that easy!”