[What we’re into right now]: Orient Express

Many people don’t consider this to be a worthy Graham Greene novel, but I think that they miss the point of it. It was written to be one of his “entertainments”. Written to be entertaining, it fulfills that purpose. What I enjoyed the most about this novel is the way that the story abruptly picks up and leaves off the stories of certain characters. Very much as happens when you meet someone on a long journey and they come into your life suddenly and leave just as suddenly as you reach your destination.


Audience of one

This is meant for just one person. I’m talking to you, guy in a suit and a white sedan that slammed into the back of my car. Maybe you shouldn’t pay so much attention to your phone to see that the light is red, or maybe you had too much to drink after work, or having a beer in your car in true Texas fashion. Either way, I’m not upset about the fact that you rear-ended me the other day -accidents happen- but the thing that got me is that you completely bailed afterwords. By the way, next you’re involved in a hit-and-run, you may want to make sure that the ally that you speed down is not one-way, or at least you’re going the right way.