NBA Finals

The NBA finals are about to start. Last year the last thing that I wanted was for the Heat to win. I’m originally from Cleveland, so the last thing I wanted was for LeBron to win a championship right away. I wanted him to suffer for his “decision” and his manufactured team. This year, less so. Personally, I hope that he wins a championship. He’s a great player. I think that he should have a championship ring. He was arrogant, but he had suffered for it. He was made to wander the desert last year. He had to wait. He did everything that he had to. He spent the off-season working on his play in the post.
Of course, I would love for the thunder to win. The problem is the rest of the Miami Heat. I don’t really want them to win. Especially Wade or Chalmers. I would rather that they kept suffering. Ideally, LeBron would leave for a different team, and then win in the first year.